"Solar power is the last energy resource that isn't owned yet. Nobody taxes the sun yet." - Bonnie Raitt

  En-Reg provides consultancy, design, execution, installation, maintenance and marketing of photovoltaic systems for various applications, for both companies, factories, companies and individuals.

Among the products offered are complete photovoltaic kits for the energy supply of isolated cabins and houses but also complete kits that can be installed on houses/companies/factories to charge electricity in the national network.


Our company also markets water pumping photovoltaic systems, using one or more photovoltaic modules, with a command and control cabinet and a high-efficiency pump that can provide the necessary Water for your garden or household.

             Last but not least, solar energy can be used as a "cost-reduction" or cost reduction system, an increasingly invoked term in recent years, both by companies and individuals. Therefore En-Reg comes to the aid of companies in particular by proposing the Solari pillars for exterior lighting, very efficient when replacing a relatively large number of classic poles with incandescent bulbs that consume very Much.


 Under certain conditions, our company can implement the photovoltaic system on an existing pillar so that in the end, your pillars consume up to ten times less electricity!


                 The efficient lighting systems we offer can also be implemented within companies, factories, cabinets or houses, through light bulbsNEOs or LED plates designed to ensure the necessary Lighting at a significantly lower consumption.


  So feel free to go to our product page to find the best solution for you.